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Family Connection 02.25.2010

Family Connection
This last weekend we began a Spiritual Growth Campaign at Southwest Community Church entitled “Live Like You Were Dying”. For this campaign we are challenging everyone to live their lives as though they only had 30 days left to live and to ask questions about what God would have them do or changes He would have them make. If we only had 30 days to live, how would we like to live our lives and what would we like to be remembered for? As believers in Jesus Christ we want to make our lives count for Him and to make an eternal impact on those around us. As adults we understand that life is precious and none of us are guaranteed “tomorrow” but this is a difficult concept to teach to children; hopefully this can help.
In Flight School (our ministry to our elementary children) we will be tying the themes of the campaign into things the children can understand. Each week we will be emphasizing one of the following (Life Counts, Words Matter, Love Others, Give Forgiveness, Forever Focused, Trust God) and encouraging children to talk with their parents about the things they have been taught in “Big Church”. Hopefully this will help facilitate some godly discussion at home and you can focus on living for God as a family. We will also be wrapping the campaign materials around our February and March virtues of Honor and Honesty, so hopefully you will see an impact at home on these as well.
One other thing you can do with the children in your life over the next couple of weeks is to read through Philippians 1:12-27 and take a look at how Paul felt his life could best be spent as he desired to live for God. Talk to the children in your life about the gift of life and how God would like them to use the gifts and talents they have for Him. Share with them about a time in your life when you lived for God in a real and practical way.
Our desire is to create a partnership between church leaders and parents who are committed to a systematic plan of action where their sons and daughters develop faith and character in Jesus Christ. I hope that you can have some fruitful discussion with the children in your life as we go through this campaign together and think about what it means to “Live Like You Were Dying”.
Walking by your side,

Brett Humphrey
Pastor H

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