Friday, October 2, 2009

Family Corner

Family Corner
When I was a child I used to love to hear my parents tell me stories. I would ask them to tell stories about when they were young, about what they did when they were my age, how they met and general stories from their lives before I was born. I would also love to hear them tell stories about what I was like when I was younger and things I did. Those were special times for me and great memories still today.
I would like to encourage you to do something similar in your family this week. If you have children at home, set some time aside to share stories with your children. You could possibly do this at the dinner table, over a board game or even during a bed time ritual. If you don’t have children at home, you could do the same thing via telephone, email or good old fashioned letter. If you have grandchildren, I encourage you to take the time to share a story from your childhood, you children’s childhood and something special about that grandchild this week.
I also want to encourage you to not only share a fun story this week but also share a God story as well. Share about something you have learned about God during your life, or about a time when God did something meaningful for you. Take the time to praise God by recounting what He has done for you; and pass those memories on to the younger generation. Take the time to share with a child this week and build a positive memory in their lives and help them see God’s goodness through those stories. I will join you on this journey by doing the same thing with my family this week.
Brett Humphrey
Pastor H

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