Monday, April 25, 2011


I am sitting here writing on my blog by candleligh, old and new school working togethert. We are having a power outage, this is quite common. I am so glad this laptop has battery power.

Josh and I got to sleep a bit on the plane on the way to Uganda so we hit the ground running by heading to Cherish Uganda. I wil post more pictures tomorrow so you can see everything that we do. I was absolutely amazed to see everything that is accomplished with this wonderful ministry. Then children there are truy cherished as the precious gifts from God that they are. That love and care has made a difference in their lives.

Tonight we had dinner at a restaurant on the top of a hill and God treated us to a light show. There was llghtning in the clouds and it was beautiful. Right now, on top of the power outage, there is a storm brewing outside as well, with the wind I feel like I'm back in DHS.

For some reason I am having trouble posting updates to my blog but I will keep updating these notes instead.

Both Josh and I will sleep well tonight.

Thank you for your prayers,

Brett and Josh

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