Monday, April 25, 2011


We had an opportunity to go to a craft market today to check out some local artisans. I can appreciate African art and got a chance to meet some lovely people. Brent and Leah are trying to build relationships wherever they go so we went back to the same place they often go so we could purchase things from these people. I bought quite a few things from Edith and she had remembered that Leah had told her she would bring people back. These are small things that make a huge difference. There are a lot of street children begging in Kampala so on the way home we bought a bunch of bananas and handed these out to the children instead of giving them money. Many of the children have been "hired" for the day and have to give the money to their bosses. The chidren get about $1 a day for this. By giving them the bananas, they get to fill their bellies with nutritious food and don't have to give anything to their boss. One girl ate 3 bananas one after another, she was really hungry.

When we got back to the Phillips house we got to hang out and I cooked dinner. I made marinara sauce and had a great time talking with Brent as I cooked. After dinner the power went off for about an hour so we got to hang out by candlelight.

It was a great day!

Thanks for your prayers and support,

Brett and Josh

PS-After our shopping trip and lunch, Josh and Bo took Boda Bodas back to the house.

Boda Bodas are motorcycle taxis. I would never let Josh ride on the back of a motorcycle if we were at home but somehow it seems completely safe and sane here in Uganda.

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