Monday, April 25, 2011


When we woke up this morning the power is out. This is a daily occurance here but it did give us an opportunity to watch a beautiful sunrise. As we headed out of Kampala to go to Cherish we heard that there were demonstrations and/or riots possibly going on along our route. The people are upset by the fuel prices, along with the high costs of food and the police treat every demonstration like it could lead to violence. Thankfully we didn't see any evidence of rioting and the roads were actually clearer than usual.

Once we got to Cherish we went to the staff devotion. We got to join in on some singing; it was beautiful. Brent and I led worship (I Like Bananas and Without Faith) and we taught the children these new songs. They enjoyed the songs and participated in all of the motions. Brent played musical waterballoons with the children and then I taught a brief message. It was a fantastic morning.

After that we filmed some interviews for Summer Spectacuar. Brent also gave a tour of Cherish Uganda on video and we even managed to film some segments of our end of the day video, Survival Tips from Tiger Munson.

We went back to the Lake Victoria Hotel where the kids did some more swimming and then came back to Brent and Leah's, where the power once again was out. I took some video of the driving conditions up and down thier road and will try to post it so you can enjoy the experience.

Tomorrow we head out to the Nile River where we will film some more for Summer Spectacualar.

I'm heading to bed after a long, exciting day.

Thank you for your support and prayers.

Brett and Josh

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