Thursday, August 20, 2009

Another day in Jaipur

Today we had the second day of the conference and we all felt we were received much better. We had a better time communicating and the participants had more interraction with what we were teaching. When I started teaching this morning I felt led to share out of Ephesians 1:3-10, where Paul talks about our adoption into God's family. I shared how wonderful it is for all of us to be in the room together, adopted into God's family. I shared that I am a Christian who lives in America just as they are Christians who live in India. It was wonderful to see all of those people who have been adopted into God's family, just as I have, through the wonderful gift of salvation through Christ Jesus our Lord. It was wonderful to see everyone in that light as we began to teach today.
Even though it was a long, hot day, we did feel that we accomplished a good deal and look forward to tomorrow. Shawna, Shelley and Beth had a conference with the women at the same time we were teaching the men. All of the ladies were elated to receive the special time of teaching and the women on our team were excited about the opportunity to teach others. Please pray for Henry because he isn't feeling well. He left the conference after lunch and went back to the hotel to rest. The humidity is tough on all of us but Henry is suffering; please lift him up in your prayers. Also please pray for the pastors here in India because they have a huge job to share the love and salvation available through Jesus to the people here.
Tomorrow we have the last day of the conference and after that we get to play tourist for a day before heading back to Dehli. We have a wonderful Indian man and his wife who will be our guides and show us their city.
We have also been blessed with wonderful food on this trip and we are all enjoying the local food, some of it is a bit spicy though; I love it!!
Please continue to pray that God will us us to accomplish His will here in Jaipur and that we can be a source of encouragement to the pastors and leaders attending this conference.
I will post again tomorrow, Lord willing.

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