Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sitting in Hong Kong enjoying a Starbucks

While the plane ride to Hong Kong was long, it was a very pleasant trip. If you ever get a chance to fly Cathay Pacific, I highly recommend it. I slept about 6 hours on the plan, thanks to a sleeping aid, and am enjoying a Grande Mocha and updating my blog at the airport. It's wonderful how the small things can be so exciting; thanks God!! I also got a chance to take a nice, hot shower at the airport; feeling human after all. Everyone is doing well, Henry and Beth Davis, Shawna Koon, Kevin Johnson, Shelley Smith and I are very grateful for your prayers. We take off at 2:25 pm Hong Kong time, it is now 8:22 am Hong Kong time on Monday, August 17th. We are 15 hours ahead of you here in Hong Kong. I don't have anything especially meaningful to write except how amazing it is to be 1/2 way around the world and see God at work all around me. Even though I won't get a chance to meet them, I am sure there are many brothers and sisters in this airport and we all have the same thing in common; we are all sinners saved by grace!!!! I am so glad that God is an awesome, loving and forgiving God.
I will update again when we arrive in New Dehli, Lord willing.
Your fellow servant,


  1. we miss you guys already say Hi to the team for us.
    Prayers and love
    Bob and Sharon
    PS that Jennifer girl(AKA your wife) at church likes you...ha ha

  2. ummm...Starbucks, in a different timezone. Awesome way to start the day!
    Praying for you all...May the Holy Spirit fill each of you to the fullest.
    May the Lord go before you and prepare the way.