Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Rajastan Bible Institute

Today we began the conference at the Rajastan Bible Institute. We began the day by walking over to the RBI from our hotel. For some of our team this was their first experience with playing a life-sized Frogger game. In some countries, India and China that I know of, pedestrians walk across the street at the same time cars are driving towards you. It is the responsibility of the drivers in the cars to miss the pedestrians and it is the job of the pedestrians to repress any and all natural tendencies of self-preservation and calmly walk across the street. If everyone plays the game correctly then the pedestrians walks across the street ready to play the next round. If you don't play correctly...well, you know. Fortunately for us we still have all 6 members of our team ready to play again tomorrow.
We believe the teaching was well received at the RBI, and we were reassured of that fact by many people, but the attendees are rather hard to read. We have a translator helping to translate everything into Hindi for us but we haven't gotten a lot of crowd participation. It could be the heat and humidity in the room, (it is pretty sticky) or it could be the overload of material; but whatever it is we will be back again tomorrow ready, willing and able to teach more material.
Please continue to pray for us that we will be effective for the Lord here and make an impact for the Kingdom.
I'll post again tomorrow, Lord willing.
PS-I'm also posting some more pictures we took today.

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