Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I'm glad your horn works, now try your lights.

I'm convinced I don't know how to properly use the horn in my car. After being in India for about 24 hours, and having been driven around on a lot of roads, there is one thing I am sure of; the Indian drivers use their horns as a vital communication tool as they drive. In the USA, we only blow our horns under the most dire circumstances, and even then might incur a rude gesture from people around us in other cars. Here, the drivers use their horns to signal other drivers, tell people when to change lanes, tell when they are changing lanes and I'm sure there is some sort of Morse Code that gives news, traffic and sports updates (at least that's what I have in my imagination).
We were picked up today at noon by Ramesh and members of his team to take us around and see some of the work they are doing. Our first stop was a building in one of the slums of Delhi where children were being taught. The children were sitting in four separate classrooms and were very interested in their lessons. They were excited to see us and made each of sit in a chair in a classroom while they placed a flower wreath around our necks. It was their way of welcoming us. After that we went to an even poorer area and visited another slum where another group of children were being taught. The people with the Cooperative Outreach of India are very concerned with helping people step out of their poverty and step up through training and education. We went back with Ramesh to their offices and had Domino's Pizza, Indian style, it was very good. After that we were off to the airport for another flight to our final destination, Jaipur. We're all checked into our rooms now and tomorrow we begin to teach at a conference.
I'm posting some pictures.
Pray for a fruitful and productive day tomorrow. Also pray for safety as we get to walk to the conference center and brave the honking masses of transportation.
I'll post again tomorrow, Lord willing.

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  1. Domino's Pizza, Starbucks, "Hello Newman" tshirt? Are you sure your in India? (I'm kidding of course.)

    Be safe and fruitful for Him, I know you all will.

    Linda Matsko